2013 NAHBS: Black Sheep Fat Bike

Fat bikes were out in full force this year at NAHBS but few had the lines and attitudes of Black Sheep. I remember seeing them their first year and asking myself “who would ever want to really ride that thing?”. Turns out, fat bikes have an incredible, cult-like following and people love the creative, sexy lines of the Black Sheep fleet. Even I was amazed at how much fun it was to just ride in circles around the vacant space at the convention center. Titanium, fat and sexy. Who could ask for more?

  • I just don’t get them still haha…

    • Come to my neck of the woods with 8 months of winter and tons of snow, you will get it immediately. 

  • I have a dirt road bike from Black Sheep.  James at Black Sheep is a true artist. 

  • The tubes!  So many beautiful tubes.

  • Hi John! It looks like the seat stays are coupled. Is that for belt drive compatibility?

    • yep!

      • Sweet! P.S. Can you magically help me to not do things accidentally under my wife’s facebook account? I seem to be great at that lately.


        Rob not Rachel

  • Looks pretty compact, what a rad bike.

  • Looks like a belt drive “JONES” (Jeff Jones) to me lol

  • How about some details and shots of that moots trailbuilder?  Seeing the pictures of that made my jaw hit the floor.