2013 NAHBS: 6 Eleven 3 Rensho Tribute Track

When I first walked into the Six Eleven Bicycle Co booth at this year’s NAHBS, I immediately was drawn to this purple machine, like a moth to the flame. Like many people, all I saw was a 3 Rensho track bike. That is until I spotted the very clever 6 Eleven decals. Aaron went overboard here and I’m still dumb-founded that it didn’t win best track bike. It’s so good! Even to the point that a certain Japanese builder asked why he had a 3 Rensho in his booth!

Don’t miss those Sugino-branded Suntour cranks, either! Congrats to Aaron for doing a stellar job on this beauty.

  • holy moly this is perfection  

  • Attention to detail. 

  • Aaron is a beast, shocked this didn’t win. 

  • Christian Yee

    If only I could find more pics of the details on the Keirin Level track that ended up winning, to compare with this awesome creation.

  • Michael Kraehe


  • I seriously want to sell both of my 3Renshos and buy this thing.
    Hands down the sickest bike I’ve seen in years.
    Aaron is lucky he has the name he has because no one else could execute a tribute like this.
    The 611 branding is perfect on this.

  • ckamp

    Holy Carp!

  • Marc Erickson

    I’ve always loved Suntour cranks – they’re the prettiest IMHO.

  • Marc Erickson

    Same goes for Suntour pedals.