SWRVE: Gore-Tex Belgian Cap Jan 29, 2013


It’s funny how a ten-degree drop in temperature here in Austin has me scrambling to find my winter caps again. Little reminders, brought on my cold fronts, always alert me to the fact that the rest of the US is still very much in winter. While I’d only be able to wear the SWRVE Gore-Tex Belgian Cap once and a while here in Texas, I’m sure the rest of you would love to have one of these around your ears in the morning. Made in the USA and in an array of colors, pick one up here at SWRVE.

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  • What does the ten-degree drop leave you at? Just curious as my recent move to SF is quickly making me way too used to mild weather.

    • It is 30 this morning. It’s usually 40 in the morning and 70 mid-day but today the high is in the 50’s. We just had a cold front and rain yesterday. I was sun burnt last week…