Rick Anderson: Tom LaMarche Wall Ride Jan 3, 2013

Photo by Rick Anderson

Rick’s photos of Tom just keep getting better. I absolutely love this one, shot in Chicago.

  • Jordan Carver

    That’s not a wall, it’s a piece of public art. It is another reason why city dwellers hate cyclists. 

    • He’s just letting his inner expressionist live free.

  • Chris Yorke

    Agreed.  A Picasso at that.

    • Hail storms do more damage to that piece than this would.

  • Goog Smells

    Like skating on a Richard Serra.

    • Which wouldn’t harm it whatsoever and would be fun. I’m sure Serra wouldn’t object. Art isn’t always a sterile object observed in a sterile, white hall.

      • Chris Campbell

        Actually I think he would object.  The continuing evolving surface patina of his sculptures (rusting Core 10 steel) is a part of the piece and when it is disrupted by touch, contact, etc. it alters the piece (paraphrasing his words from several articles I have read).  
        That said artists who’s work is placed in a public space know that it is simply out of their control to stop this and I would bet that this Miro piece was actually conceived to accept people climbing on it.  My opinion of course.

        • Fair enough. Native Chicagoans have confirmed this is an “interactive” piece.

          • Chris Campbell

            Makes perfect sense then.

            All said, that is one great image!

  • He’s not destroying it. Public art is meant to be interactive.

  • Also, before any more comments are made, I’m pretty sure this sculpture gets ridden, walked on and slid down all day long. 

  • jason pasco

    I’ve typed and backspaced a few times here. All I’ll say is, it’s at the very least disrespectful. I’ve met some of these kids. None of them are from Chicago. It’s always some asshole not from here. Just like when NATO was here and I got harassed a number of times by police because I wear black and ride a bike. Hardly any of the kids arrested during NATO were from here. That said, go back and be dicks where ever you’re from. This city has made HUGE advancements for cyclists, mostly thanks to Gabe Klein and Rahm. Don’t fuck that up for the people who have fought for those rights and lived here for many years. Respect our city please. And consider this, 15 years ago in this city if a cop drove by while this was happening, that bike would have ended up in the river. And yes, John, little kids run all over that thing all day. Little kids.

    • While I think you’ve got some very valid points, there are no small children visible at all in the photo, and all of the passers-by appear to be a safe distance away. 

      Regardless of whether or not it’s potentially damaging to the artwork and regardless of whether or not it’s potentially damaging to the public’s opinion of cyclists, I don’t think that there was significant risk to public safety or small children.

      • jason pasco

        It’s impossible for me to care less about other people’s children or their safety. I only made mention of that cause it was implied that since a bunch of children play on this thing, it’s justification for a bunch of 20-somethings to follow. 

        • not in our city! waaaaaaaah. Picasso was an orientalist culture stealing wiener. So there. 

    • you are aware that everyone in chicago that either skateboards or rides bmx has ridden this for decades right? it’s not “out of towners”. And didn’t you used to ride with us?

  • jason pasco

    besides, this is where critical mass meets up. don’t ruin that.

  • It’s LaMarche… the dude has a pass to ride anything he wants I say.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Tom rules!

  • this is what happens when alot of your readers shift from fgfs kids to old roadie turd burglars. hahaha regardless ride whatever whenever on whatever bike you want.

    • Dude, there have ALWAYS been “safety advocates” commenting on this blog. Do you remember the first post when I left Blogger? The Empire video? I had to delete so many comments on that one.

  • boycott tom

  • YOLO

  • WOW. You are a bunch of FAGGOTS.

  • A nice photo of people hanging out riding bikes, or an evil art destroying villain? YOU DECIDE.

  • is that an enormous baboon?  Awesome