Texas Cyclocross State Championships

Last weekend was the Texas Cyclocross State Championships in Fredericksburg, Texas. Unlike the last cross races I’ve shot, it was bright and sunny outside, so I decided to shoot with my new Leica M7 and Hasselblad, rather than the 5D. I’m digging a lot of these, check them out yourself!

  • All the surrounding vegetation looks so thorny and sharp.  Are people flatting a lot because of it?  Looks like a great place for a tubeless setup.  Nice photos-

    • We don’t have the “goathead” thorns that Cali has but there are sand spurs that can take out crappy tires. I don’t think anyone flatted though.

  • blue heeler!

  • dharmabum74

    What type of film did you use?  Beautiful tones. Nice shots.

    • This was a mix of Ektar and Fuji ProH. Next time I’ll use the same film on both cameras. The ProH is much more contrasty than the Ektar.

  • Harry Major

    where does one get that super awesome skin suit!??

  • Awesome! The girlfriend and I made it into the background of #28. Nice stuff!