Of Usability and Accuracy

When I buy a new camera, I like to use the weeks spent here in Austin to work out its nuances and familiarize myself with its basic operations. There’s nothing worse than missing a shot because you’re fumbling with the lens, or trying to be sharp with focus. A rangefinder is still new to me, having used SLRs more, I’m used to seeing through the lens for focus. You set up your shot, make focus and what you see is what you get. But not with a rangefinder.

I’m much faster this way and yet there’s something about the ergonomics of the smaller, rangefinder body that makes the learning curve very shallow. After two rolls, the camera feels better in my hands. The lenses move with ease and I don’t second guess myself. I’m planning a big trip in March and this will be my primary camera of choice, along with the Hasselblad.

But first, I have to get this camera’s use dialed in. So I shoot what I know. Faces, favorite places and subjects that I’m comfortable with. Because when you shoot a photo of even the simplest thing with a Leica, it just looks so good. Now if I can just get some decent panning shots!

See more in the gallery.

  • Whoa, Leica…
    How much did you pay for it?

  • Gotta pull out the Pentax K1000 with the pancake fisheye lens and shoot some b&w…Very nice John

    • Virgil Q Staphbeard

      I’m sporting the K1000 as well!

  • Nice butt

  • jaerrod



    • I sold the Contax to buy the Leica. Not rich, just a deal hound!

  • NoahGenda

    NATTY BOH!!!

  • Erick Moser

    I like the shot of that Beemer, and I’m guessing the self-reflection in the mirror of that other bike was intentional. Or was it?

  • Makes me inspired to dust off my old M6 mit ‘cron after seeing your new pictures. I love you John Probably.

  • Vidal Valdez

    Your pictures are just getting better and better.

  • How hard are you ballin’, man?

    Insanely nice bikes, insanely nice cameras… make a man wonder.

    • I live in a cheap city and save my money.

  • Kurt

    What film are you shooting?