Hawaiian #Naturevibes

Over the past few weeks, I hadn’t had much time to get out and shoot with the Hasselblad, so when we went to Hawaii to see Lauren’s parents for the Holidays, I made sure to bring it. Like the digital Gallery, there are no bikes here, just #naturvibes. Enjoy!

  • Nice shots! What’s the story on that building demo?

    • Hawaii’s main export, Sugar. Is making the full transition to Tourism or at least “sustainability.” Most of the old suger cane plants have closed although some have been revamped to service the community in other ways. Great shots John! Cheehoo Awriiiight!!!

    • Old sugar cane processing factory.

  • ericjohnf

    How close did you end up getting to the seagulls nest?

    • That’s an albatross – they’re 3x bigger than gulls. You can get close to them because they’re used to people checking in on them. It’s private property, and only scientists have access since they’re a protected species.

  • how do you make the pix square like that?

    • Piotr Kiedrowicz

      guess that’s the aspect of the camera itself

    • The only appropriate followup would be to ask what instagram filter you’re using.

  • Next time you gotta come to the Big Island with your bike!