Beat the Clock Cycling New Years Day Alley Cross

A few months back, some friends decided to start up a cycling club called Beat the Clock Cycling. It was started by Jon, the owner of Beat the Clock Messengers. The idea was to create a club that would throw local events, with one thing in mind: fun. Group rides, parties, goof-off races and everything in between.

So far, it’s pretty low-key but on New Years Day, a couple dozen people got together for a little impromptu Alley Cross race on the East Side of Austin. I slept in and missed the actual race, but took my Hasselblad out for a quick roll of film at the finish. Check it out in the Gallery!

  • that sram kit!

  • Great use of a cargo-bike!

  • Portraits are great!

  • Lovin’ the portraits; those yellow revoX’s are WILD, the whole bike is pretty out of control for that matter.

    • Chou is right now jerking off to the fact that you like his bike.

      • for the third time.


      • Actually that’s a lie – the first two times were to that pic of Wiley

        • TSAWiley

          Funny, I to yours.  Only once though.

  • alexei popov

    Somebody cah hook me with the info on that beer pump?

  • dorks!