PiNP 2012: A Year in 55 Photos


PiNP 2012: A Year in 55 Photos

In 2012, PiNP’s content was like a pinball machine. It seemed like every other month, I’d find myself in another city. Some familiar, some new, but I traveled everywhere with my bike and camera in hand, ready to see what was out there. Throughout these travels, I formed a lot of strong friendships with a lot of incredible people. Some of which have become my best of friends. We rode hard, we partied harder and somehow, I managed to keep the year in focus.

Here’s the PiNP 2012: A Year in 55 Photos…

The first notable trip was Down Under, yet again. These two magnificent cunts took me on a walkabout that served as motivation to get in better shape!

I landed home in Austin after nearly two months in Australia, to find myself leaving for the 2012 NAHBS days later.

There, I picked up a bicycle that changed my life.

In between all the cycling documentation, I managed to enjoy SxSW and the friends I found in town and this is when the constant travel began. From there, I headed up to NYC.

Seeing new friends in old places can be a lot of fun, as long as your friends aren’t lost in the big city.

Somehow, things always work out.

This year, I found myself back in my old stomping grounds for the 2012 Red Hook Crit.

Before flying out to SF

Where I met with the Cedar Cycling guys to discuss a project for early 2013.

Back in Austin, back on the BMX….

My friends are much, much better than I’ll ever be.

Before it got too hot in Texas, some friends and I went on a bicycle camping trip.

My noble Icarus Viking MAX track bike got a little facelift.

And a few days later, I was back in SF, hanging out with yahoos.

I showed the world what it was like to live #fixiefamous.

And shot photos at the 2012 Red Bull Ride + Style.

And then the Mash anniversary alleycat!

In 2012, I couldn’t avoid California. The 2012 ATOC had me on the road for a week, before landing in my home away from home, the Angeles Crest.

LA’s people are dear friends of mine.

And the next generation of cyclists already have bike control dialed.

The guys at GSC really know how to party, ride and get rad.

In no particular order.

The 2 is a magnificent place.

Although riding in Jakarta is a whole different kind of rush!

Finally! I made it to Indonesia for the 2012 Jakarta Fixed Fest!

Talk about a mind-numbing experience! I had a blast and returned home stoked to ride more.

Although, getting your precious touring bike stolen can put a huge damper on things…

So I bought a Hasselblad and began documenting my friends

And places I’d go.

This was not limited to frame builders

Or shops….

Or rides….

Or “races“…

But like film, digital isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Portland has a lot to offer and something new was on the way for me…

But not before returning to LA for a few days.

And then off to Vegas for Interbike!

Which is around the time cross started to rear its head once again. Ritttaayyyyyyyyyyy!

Both in terms of content and in my own stable.

Oh yeah, Texas Toast returned in 2012!

And the Albion picked up some of my Hasselblad photos!

Wait, that’s not a BMX. Back in Cali once again, to ride down a New Road.

Before heading east to take a familiar route with both old friends and new…

And I ended up finding myself in Philly for the Philly Bike Expo!

Then, a ride broke me into pieces.

So I picked myself up and headed back to Portland for some cross and to pick up something special.

Wait, I thought steel is real? Sure, but a made in the USA carbon road bike ain’t bad either.

Of course you’ve gotta take it on a test ride.

Gah. I really did travel to LA a lot.

This time for the SSCXWC!

Then I came back to Texas and raced.

And friends raced.

All the hustle and bustle in 2012 took a toll on my legs and body. I ended the year with my lady in Hawaii, visiting her parents and didn’t ride my bike for two whole weeks.

2013 is here and I can only hope that it’s as memorable as 2012. Thanks for coming along for the ride!