Let Go On Jan 4, 2013

This is a very Rapha-esque approach to a track bike video by Bike Minimalism but it actually works. The basic idea behind this piece is pretty simple. When the temperatures drop, don’t hold on to the summer, keep going. Go on.

  • Simplicityofjoy

    ..it does, it works, makes me wanna go riding right now, which I’ll do.

  • J. S.

    they should al least say the clip was inspired by Rapha’s Lucid video https://vimeo.com/52439756

    • and that guy has sleeves

    • Thanks for the nice comment and pointing to that video, great piece although the truth is we’ve never seen it before ;)  Cheers, John // Bikeminimalism

  • get go do.

  • in a vest…

  • Cody Baker

    I guess the message I’m getting from this is when the temperature drops you combat that with the proper facemask/tank combo. I’ll give it a shot 

  • just the thing to watch before heading out into the cold, dark and rain myself

  • Cameron Ritchie

    It is shot beautifully… I dont know about that VO though