I’m Not Usually A Fan… Jan 23, 2013


Of conceptual time trial and pursuit bikes but this is a rad photo. See more here.

  • One slip of the hands and you’ll never have to worry about shaving your chin for the rest of your life.

  • Why are you not fond of conceptual pursuit bikes. Those wore the high time of bicycle design. Lots of experimentation with form and function witch, I thought, as an architect you would appreciate.

    James you are talking total nonsense.

    • Sorry, friend.  Guess the skin on your face is tougher than mine.

  • Low pro and pursuit bikes are my favorites ,it was a time  when the design window was pushed to the limit to create new ways of wringing out performance and speed .Until they were outlawed ,I have one and love it. I guess it is an acquired taste

    The bike above is missing the head tube blanking cap James

    • That’s what I thought. If the flickr set is any indicator, it is probably lost to the ages.

  • I think this is what they were trying to say to the competition with that fork-stem.