Golden Saddle Cyclery: Cap Restock Jan 10, 2013

Miss the caps earlier this week? Here’s why:

“Trust me, we were as surprised as you.  On Tuesday we put up 100 Golden Saddle Cyclery and Intelligenstia caps inthe web-store and they sold out in 6 hours.  That’s the bad news but here’s the good news…yesterday on a visit to Pace Sportswear for other business, I saw a pile of these caps that had been sewn preemptively.  Long story short, I grabbed them, all 200 of them and now they’re on the Golden Saddle Cyclery web-store.  Because of this we probably won’t be remaking these caps anytime soon.  So if you want one I’d probably get on it.”

Pick up one here! Thanks Tracko, I know people love these things.

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