Giro: The Empire is Now Available Jan 4, 2013

Giro’s popular new lace up road shoe, the Empire is now available in both colors, online and at your local Giro dealer. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair. The quality, as with any Giro shoe is superb. Check out more details and sizing information here, at Giro.

  • andre cheuk

    Can something be “Popular”, if it isn’t even available yet?

    • When Taylor Phinney wore these shoes, they were all over the web and Giro’s been getting inquiries ever since. Their Interbike booth had a lot of people asking about them. That’s popular, IMO.

  • Ordered a black pair yesterday! The most expensive riding shoes I’ve ordered (my poor feet!). I hope they don’t introduce more colors right after I get mine, or right after its too late to return my order. I would have loved to see a pop color with the black, even if its hi-viz green on the bottoms.

    I really hated these when I first learned about them. I thought it was an insult to the designers who work at Giro letting a kid (world champ he may be) come on in and design a product (As a designer I’ve had this happen to me) but they really are slick looking, they sound comfortable and warm, which I need up in the PNW.

  • Raymond Walker

    now if they could only make them in a color way that isn’t dumb or dumber… (mind you I don’t necessarily mind the black, but not all of us cyclists go for shiny.)

  • barrierhero

    275 for lace up cycling shoes? no thanks

    • Curious what you’d pay for an EC90 outsole cycling shoe?

      • barrierhero

         Its not the sole material, its the laces that just aren’t doing it for me. laces just make it seem cheap to me.

        • I dunno. It’s a stylistic thing. I’ve ridden plenty of laced cycling shoes and they never bother me. My point is, the price reflects the materials.

  • “I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.” i.e. I can’t wait for Giro to send me a free pair. 8)

  • Wish there was a less flashy CW, maybe a matte white.

  • Kyle Scully

    Matte Black Please.

  • @twitter-18952133:disqus It’s funny how these things go sometimes. We’d experimented with laced uppers from the earliest days of our footwear development, but we weren’t sure how much interest there would be. Taylor, having played soccer as a kid, really liked the idea, and proved they could be popular. He didn’t design the shoes, but he gave feedback on them and got us fired up to work out the details. I’m not sure we would have made them without him…

  • Aaron Chavez

    CAMO!!! When will the camouflage ones be out?!?