Fyxomatosis: 1970’s Richard Sachs Pista Jan 21, 2013

Photo by Andy White

It’s not everyday that you see a Richard Sachs coated in another color besides his signature red. But then again, it’s not everyday a 1970’s Richard Sachs pista shows up in the hands of Andy at Fyxomatosis. That’s a nice piece of America you’ve got there, mate. See more photos and a great post here.

  • I saw the link through to Andy’s page – nice atmo! This is the eleventh ever RS branded frame and it was constructed in early 1976. The first ones were made late autumn 1975 when the business started. I think the first 6-7 frames were made for the NY International Cycle Show that was held in February. This unit must have been assembled when I got back to the bench.

  • Mitchell_Sachs

    Epic post! Prolly, Fyxo, and RS? My mind=blown. For a bike AND history nerd, it doesn’t get much better than this… Thank you for sharing. Keep them coming. If it was only a Chinese whisper, it’s the story I’d want to believe.