Friday Night Lights Jan 6, 2013

After all the commotion surrounding that Boda Boda video last week, here’s one featuring a rider wearing a helmet and stopping at traffic signals. Is it as enjoyable to watch? I think so but I appreciate both videos for what they are. Definitely digging this though!

  • Dean Straight

    It’s a very mellow video. Unfortunately, someone will point out that he wasn’t wearing dayglow, 3800 lumen headlight, failed to signal and wasn’t VC enough to make it enjoyable. There will always be someone.

    • cool apartment building, nice bike

      • Dean Straight


  • Hopping the tracks to get closer to a moving rail car is WAY more dangerous than running a red light.
    Great video!

    • thebigkick

      sheesh.  All it takes is one shot and he’ll learn.  I’ve been hit before (w/o wearing a helmet) and the helpless feeling being under a car is something I’ll never forget.  Nice video but dang…

      • I’ve been rear ended and T-boned on a bike, but never under the car. Glad you made it out of there in one piece. We should chat about rehab exercises, I bet you know some things I don’t.


    Rider is me, Chris from and iam ridin the 8bar krzberg  v2.0 Thanks for the support!

  • So
    where do we draw the line on obeying lights and traffic laws?  Do all
    cyclists get to obey them?  Or just messengers because you ‘need’ to
    do it in order to make a living? What about food delivery guys
    especially those on E-bikes going 25mph on the sidewalk while smoking a
    cig., and talking on a cellphone?

    We are all grouped together by drivers/pedestrians as just cyclists. 
    They make no distinctions.  So when you don’t blow through a light or don’t put
    others in danger the general public generalizes that all of us on bikes
    are doing the same thing and still deserve no respect.

    Glorifying this behavior doesn’t help anyone.  Its not cool or trendy.  Its inconsiderate and selfish.

    (just change a few words here and there)

    • thebigkick

      why are you reposting NYC_Cyclists initial comment from the Boda Boda vid?

      • yeah, why?  what did I do now?

        •  Put the two side-by-side and actually read them.

          • I did.  I still don’t see your point.  Esp. since your re-write doesn’t makes sense.  How would obeying the law be inconsiderate and selfish?

            Also, why are you beating a dead horse here?  

          •  I give up.  You win.

          • what do I win?

    • bicycle_advocate

      I back you Mikey!  And many many bicycle advocates also back you.Instead of requiring all bicyclists to have license plates, just have the the messengers, food delivery people on bikes, etc. have license plates.  That’s just one idea, I’m sure we can come up with others.  The number of bicyclists that obey traffic laws outnumber those who don’t, hence, I believe a significant portion of this problem will be solved in the future.

      • bicycle_advocate

        more specifically, the number of bicyclists that obey traffic laws outnumber the messengers, food delivery people on bikes, etc.

        • you do realize that mikey is mocking me, right?  He would never back licence plates for anybody or obeying traffic laws.  Look back at his post history.

          • bicycle_advocate

            Oh I see, but that’s ok because in my reply I make his post sound like he would be for license plates and obeying traffic laws :)

  • This one in NYC_Cyclist approved.  And in other news, who care what I think?

  • Davey Struthers

    leaving the house is dangerous.

  • I’m convinced! I’m buying a fixie! 

  • Matthew Lew

    I’m trying to see how he mounted and rode off on the bike. Don’t think he was on the saddle, all the weight on the handlebars?