Firefly Bicycles: Ti Light Tourer Jan 10, 2013

This Firefly Ti tourer reinvents the term “light touring”. I see a compact front, mid-range rear and a radially-laced front wheel with fenders. While the die-hard touring nerds will object, I am digging it. See the full set at the Firefly Facebook!

  • Михаил Каражас


  • Adam Newman

    “I see a compact from” = compact front (crankset)? 

  • Looks like a hot rando setup to me, minus the guaranteed-to-break-if-you-weigh-more-than-a-buck-forty-five Mavic wheels. Put a White Industries/Schmidt/A23 wheelset and lighting on there, and you have the perfect ultra- and rando-rig.

  • smart looking bike. smarter still with the full size frame pump.

  • Tal Danzig

    The road pedals are a bit silly for anything labeled “touring”, even light. Walking around in road shoes on tour just isn’t going to happen.

    • I toured from Portland to SF in road shoes. You aren’t walking, you’re touring. I got off the bike plenty too.

  • bleui

    loose the rim label and it’ll be perfect

  • Devon Powell

    I’m waiting for the 20 page Grant Peterson review of this bike