Easton Cycling presents: DISC CRAZY Jan 10, 2013

Disk brake cross bikes with JPow and disc golf? Sure, why not.

  • Carl Anderson

    mmmm, my two favorite things.  I wish my local course had some sweet techy singletrack.  Not much fun to ride through park grass…

    • Ian Stone

      One of our local courses has some pretty decent MTB trails behind it. Not as cool as biking to each hole though..

  • Timothy Bradford

    who plays “frolf” without smoking weed?

    • frolf is a terrible word.

  • Double post…

  • While I’ve never been averse to them, that vid’s a great advert for disc brakes – you don’t really notice them, and, when you do, they kinda just look right…

  • Ian Stone

    I need to get out to Cali sometime and play De Laveaga sometime. Hole 27 is gorgeous! It’s nasty in the midwest right now :(

  •  There’s a great park where I live that has disc golf course, I’m totally going to bring my cross bike there and try this.