Cedar Cycling PiNP Merino Jersey Now Available Jan 9, 2013

Last year, at NAHBS, I met Jeremy and Neil from Cedar Cycling, a new cycling wear brand. Using high-end Australian merino wool blend fabric and local manufacturing in California, I knew Cedar was really doing something genuine and legit. Over a bottle of bourbon, we discussed working on a jersey. But since they had barely just launched their brand, we knew it would be some time before we’d have samples.

Earlier in the summer, I met up with them in SF to look at fabrics and discuss the jersey in detail. Then, a few weeks ago, I finally got my hands on one. I was really, really impressed. This is one of the nicest jerseys I’ve ever owned. We worked really hard getting everything right, especially the fit. It’s form-fitting, without being race cut. The sleeves sit just right and the front lies flat on your chest.

One of my biggest qualms with a lot of jerseys that I own is the pocket room. Especially during the winter. You end up stuffing arm warmers, a gillet and gloves into your pockets on the daily. Three generous open rear pockets hold all your ride essentials, plus two hidden zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe. The whole jersey is held in place by silicone gripper imported from Italy. The fit is true to size. I wear a large shirt and a large jersey.

It fits great and is incredibly comfortable. What I’m trying to say is, this is far from just a new “colorway”…

Pre-order one at the PiNP Web Shop today! These will be shipped on January 18th.

*One small note, our factory sewed up all of the jerseys with the rear pocket purple trim except for the mediums. Medium jerseys will have a grey pocket trim, matching the jersey. See this picture. Everything else is the same. Sorry!

  • recurrecur

    Looks solid. Good job.

  • sygyzy

    Just curious, are they using Australian wool or New Zealand wool?

    • The merino wool in our fabric comes from non-mulesed Australian sheep, then gets blended with nylon and elastane. Its a double-faced knit – meaning there’s 2 sides of the fabric. The 100% merino layer sits against your skin, and the 100% synthetic outer layer keeps the jersey durable and long-lasting.

  • For some fittest riders this cut of the sleeves is not very comfy.The “raglan” type cut where the sleeve part of the jersey begins from the neck suits us better….just wondering though !

    • I have no idea how you can asses that from photos. Sleeves are cut based on jersey size. My friends are very fit and these jerseys fit them true to size, even on the arms.

      • I just looked the pics in their website .It seems that they combine both cuts .a straight upper panel from neckband to armband and a lower panel at the armpits .
        E.g.i have a Rapha club jersey and i’d prefer their pro jersey in terms of fitting in the shoulders (I’m not skinny…)
        But generally the degree of fitting has to do with the fabric too .

    • I prefer raglan sleeves as well on my race kit synthetic jerseys, but I have no issues wearing a small with my “wider than average small sized person” width of shoulders… http://instagram.com/p/UNpmePGel3/

      These aren’t the straight cut sleeve you are imagining though just because they aren’t raglan. It is obvious they spent time testing the different cuts and patterns because the extra side panel combined with the curve the sleeve is cut fits very well.

      The photos on their website were probably shot on a mannequin and make the jersey look a lot more tapered than it is – not to say it is the slightest boxy, REI style cut.

      In summary, it’s awesome and I own three Cedar jerseys already.

  • NYinSF

    These look great. I have a large Rapha classic jersey, similar sizing here? 

    • Yes.

      • NYinSF

        Thanks. And congrats on this project. 

  • Pooky McPookums

    What bourbon was drunk whilst this discussion happened?  What size was the bottle?

    • Pretty sure it was Bulleit and I was hung over.

  • Great work on the merino jersey, guys, well done! It sure is an interesting material to work with, isn’t it?

    • Yep. Been about a year working on this one.

  • That just means the Medium’s are EXTRA #PiNP and stealth!

  • Rork Neimad

    Looks very nice. What would be the cost of having it shipped to France?

    • You have to contact Cedar for that but the Paypal system should calculate it before you finalize checkout.

      • Rork Neimad

        Will do, thank you.

  • michael blackshaw

    looking fit, mate!

    • Thanks man. It really helps when your friends call you fat all the time.

  • Extra purple on a Prolly jersey?  Sounds like a happy accident to me.

  • ChrisBranch

    Can’t wait to get mine. They look sweet!