Boda Boda NYC: NY1:01 – Chris Lee Jan 2, 2013

Boda Boda‘s return is much welcomed and this new series entitled NY1:01 is very promising. NYC offers some of the best urban riding in the world. No other city compares and videos like this make me miss my old home and homies. I used to ride this stretch of road every day. Keep these coming man!

Coincidentally, Chris is on his way back to Austin tomorrow!

  • No
    helmet and he blows through red lights. Reckless.  and gives other cyclists a bad
    name in a city where drivers already hate us. thanks for encouraging stupid, illegal
    and dangerous behavior.

    • Drivers hate everyone in NYC. Pedestrians jaywalk en masse. Drivers run reds. It’s chaos and being able to ride in it is key.

      • I do ride in it all the time.  But you don’t have to run red lights.  Just because ‘they’ do it doesn’t mean we should. 

        • And nobody takes videos of pedestrians jaywalking or drviers running lights in NYC (at all).  And if they did most people would get homesick for NYC cause of those vidz

          • Someone should make a walker messenger video. Those guys jog through lights all the time (like every other pedestrian in the city) but, ultimately, the purpose is what makes it entertaining.

          • Michael McFadyen

            I heard he was color blind

          • I wouldn’t consider myself casual.  I commute 10 miles back and forth to work.  And ride about 100+ miles a week on top of that.  The city isn’t safe for cyclists, in part, because drivers have somewhat irrational rage towards cyclists.  I believe part of that comes from reckless cyclists running lights?

            On average how much quicker do you actually arrive at your destination by running lights?  5 minutes, 10 minutes max.  Is it worth your life?

          • BODA BODA NYC

            Without deadlines considered? 5-10 minutes per pickup. 5-10 minutes per delivery. ~25 runs a day to make a living (a complete run involves a pickup and a delivery). Do the math… That’s at least half an entire work day lost in time. On commission, you’d average below minimum wage; that’s assuming you lasted longer than a week before losing your job.

          • I actually think that messengers are good cyclists.  and respect them as riders.  but i can’t possibly see how it ever makes economic sense to be one. how many times have you or one of your buddies been doored, clipped by a car or knocked into a pedestrian because you needed to be on time for a run?

          • BODA BODA NYC

            There lies the pro and con of getting to ride your bike for a living! It’s just a matter of willing to take the risk for the reward of being able to do it. Aside from the cycling itself, there are other components that make it an amazing job in a lot of ways. Anyone who holds a true love for this city should try it out for a week or two… No, really. (For eg: The views from high office floors alone makes it awesome.)

          • “Dudley Do-Right lost his job as a Canadian Mountie and moved to NYC to be a _cyclist.”

          • oh man, this guy.

          • Do this. Go up to everyone that jaywalks and give them the same fucking argument. See what they say to you.


            The problem in NYC is the automobile, not cyclists running reds.
            Cyclists are pedestrians with two wheels. Remember when city officials tried to ban jay walking? You REALLY think people will obey traffic laws, on foot, or on bike? It’s a necessary evil that will always exist. Get over it.

          • you are right.  I am going to start blowing through lights.  jumping in front of cars on qns blvd and holding the subways doors for my buddies.

          • Ryan White

            The definition of an entitled cyclist is one who thinks the rules don’t apply. NYC_Cyclist is just pointing out an entitled cyclist, not being one. 

            I hear everyone’s jumping off that bridge over to Brooklyn tomorrow too…

          • First of all, you don’t know me, nor how I ride, nor that I’m always telling friends to stop at reds here in Austin. But that’s Austin, not NYC.

            So don’t be a twat.

        • There is nothing wrong with stopping at red lights. When I’m back in NYC, I obey traffic laws. But that doesn’t mean that I take issue with people running reds. There’s nothing worse than entitled cyclists.

          • What do you mean by ‘entitled cyclists’?  Do you mean cyclists t that think they are entitled to break the law or something else?  I don’t think I am entitled to anything as a rider in the city. 

          • Entitled to go around and tell everyone to obey the laws.

          • Or think that because they ride as a messenger they are entitled to disobey the law?   Just because everybody does something illegal doesn’t make it right.  I’ve seen plenty of messengers take chances and get hit.  very smart.

    • This made me laugh, especially since your name is “NYC_Cyclist”

      You probably dont have all too much experience riding in the city or understand the rhythm of new york. TIA. good luck, sir.

    •  Why don’t you get some balls and post your name and address on here so everyone knows who you are.

  • What a thrill!  Aren’t we lucky there are still people brave enough to take chances for our entertainment?!  

    Or, if you’d like to become a League Certified Instructor, there are videos for that too: 

  • Michael McFadyen

    Not wearing a helmet only puts himself in danger

  • also, you are not very bright.  cyclists ARE NOT pedestrians.  They are subject to the same laws as motor vehicles.  I suppose you approve of drunk cycling too?

    • Oh man. This guy…

      •  I agree whole heartily with nyc_cyclist.  Sorry, John, not sure why you’re defending such dangerous behavior.  There are lots of problems on the road.  Many can be attributed to people whose jobs depends on driving or riding.  Taxi’s, delivery drivers, garbage (wo)men, and messengers make daily NYC life worse because of the way they break extremely simple laws.

        Many messengers, like cabbies, think they own the road.  Think they can do whatever they want.  BS.  It’s completely selfish. 

        Yes, many people break the law.  So what? We’re not going to change anything?  That’s stupid.  Messengers who break law are nothing more than jocks.  If that’s the mentality someone has, I’m happy they have a shit job they have to risk their life for to make a fraction of what I make in a day not risking my life.  I’d like to see a time when driving in the city is rare.  God help me if that means more people are recklessly riding their bikes. 

        • You better not ever jaywalk. EVER.

          •  I don’t understand your thinking.  It sounds like you believe if things can’t be perfect, everyone should just do whatever they want then. 

            Current driving, walking, riding laws can be tweaked a bit.  That’s usually how laws work, they evolve.  It’s a good think since society shifts.

            I’ll tell you this, I’d never just walk/run through an intersection unless I’m in, say a small neighborhood or rather desolate area and there are ZERO cars/cyclists coming.  I wont run out in traffic even though I’ll likely make it if there is a car/cyclist oncoming. 

            Being against blowing red lights doesn’t mean stop and stay at a red light even though there are no cars around/on coming/ on the road.  It means don’t blow into traffic, through oncoming cars, just because you will probably make it through.  It’s incredibly scary for the driver and and easily cause them to swerve and cause an accident.

            Cyclist hate pedestrians who break the law, as well as drivers who do…. so why would we break them?

          • And there is a big difference between jaywalking and going through a redlight on a bike.  The speed of a pedestrian vs. a cyclist. 

          • Not a pedestrian running through an intersection like they all do. It’s the same speed. over that gap.

        • BODA BODA NYC

          “I’m happy they have a shit job they have to risk their life for to make a fraction of what I make in a day not risking my life.”

          The majority of American soldiers in Afghanistan are in a very similar position… I’m not comparing us to them, that’s ridiculous; but your thought process makes that connection possible. — You come off as a bit of an asshole and if you think money has anything to do with being happy with what you do, you’re doing life wrong.

    • Be careful, that’s the logic people use to try to get cyclists to register like automobiles.

      • I am ok with registering my bike AND paying insurance if it encoraged saftey and a bike friendly city.

        • Actions speak louder than words. If you want to encourage others to ride safely, do so yourself. Obviously getting all preachy on a blog isn’t doing anything.

          • xdoomx


        • xdoomx

           Exactly! Why do you even care if others are jumping reds. It’s not like
          their actions are going to affect you unless you think bicycling is some
          kind of religion or elite group and it makes you cry at night? Man up
          and ride the way you want to ride and be proud of it. Cos you sure as
          hell aren’t gonna beat the unique adrenalin rush that comes from urban
          riding in Manhattan.
          Like any activity or hobby there are people
          with different skill levels, attitudes, and confidence that behave
          accordingly. My mom won’t jump those reds, but I will. Make peace with
          it and let it go.

    • Well, FWIW. When a few beers are down, those reds fly by faster

    • you mad bro?

      • Actaullay, not mad at all.  I am very entertained by the conversation.  It also amuses me how angry y’all seem to get.

        • BODA BODA NYC

          I don’t think either of us are angry. It’s just a discussion; I hear where you’re coming from and I see you can understand where I’m coming from as well. Aside from that, it’s just a matter of agreeing to disagree. That’s what belonging in this city’s all about. It’s no coincidence that, in my opinion, new york has been losing its soul the past couple decades as quality of life crimes are dealt with one by one. Some people prefer the safer, more sterile environment though. 2 cents all around.

        • aka he’s a troll. 

          • Thank you Boda Boda.  It is just a discussion and I tried to keep it above board.  My first comment wasn’t meant as an attack at all John.  But I can see how you’d think so.  And, I’m not a troll.  I do care about this issue. And I read the blog cause I love pictures of bikes!

            Funny thing is we all enjoy riding in NYC.  And I think we’d all like to be able to ride w/out harrasment from cops and angry drives.  My point was only that behavior like that in the video doesn’t help to promote bike riding perceptions.

            And, I DO AGREE that we are never going to change each others opinions.

          • Well, you threw me many curve balls here, saying I wasn’t “bright”, calling me names, then saying you like seeing people get worked up. That’s a tr0ll…

            But I’ll forgive you.


          • thebigkick

             you guys are adorable. 

  • I miss NYC and regret leaving. I plan to head back permanently at the end of my current lease.

    Chris is coming back here to Austin? How funny. I ran into him in Chelsea recently. 

  • bicycle_advocate

    I back you NYC_Cyclist, and I’m sure many many others back you too.

    • thanks

      • Yeah, the NYPD back all of you.

        • I
          have major problems with the NYPD’s selective enforcement of traffic laws for
          motor-vehicles and accidents involving cars/trucks. They do harass cyclists disproportionately
          to the number of accidents and injuries we bike riders cause. BUT that doesn’t excuse
          us from ignoring the law just because we cause less overall harm and the cops
          single us out.

        •  John, I know you…. from when you lived in NY.  I’m shocked you’re being so rude to some of the posters here.  I don’t know why there is a comment section on this site.  It certainly isn’t for discussion or hearing different views.  Its not uncommon for the few times people disagree, for you to be rude or for the conversation to quickly devolve into some internet bs. 

          Perhaps just keep the like button and get rid of the comments?  Its pretty clear you can’t maturely accept a different POV.

          • I always accept discourse but if you follow the comment string, this was never a matter of discussion. The first comment attacked me for “encouraging” this behavior.

            How is that worthy of a mature discourse?

  • blow red lights for a living. BODA BODA!

  • So where do we draw the line on ignoring lights and traffic laws?  Do all cyclists get to ignore them?  Or just messengers because you ‘need’ to do it in order to make a living? What about food delivery guys especially those on E-bikes going 25mph on the sidewalk  while smoking a cig., and talking on a cellphone?

    We are all grouped together by drivers/pedestrians as just cyclists.  they make no distinctions.  So when you blow through a light or put others in danger the general public generalizes that all of us on bikes are doing the same thing and deserve no respect.

    Glorifying this behavior doesn’t help anyone.  Its not cool or trendy.  Its inconsiderate and selfish.

    •  You are why cyclists hate cyclists.

      • I love you too.  Please stay in Red Hook.

        • Neil, glad you’re a fan. I don’t live in Red Hook.

          • Dan, your legacy will ALWAYS live in Red Hook!

          • But what about my ancestral homeland of New Jersey?

          • BODA BODA NYC

            Jersey Dan will always come to mind.

          •  But guys! I’m from Russia?!

          • lol

  • Sau Hsu

    the return of BODA BODA videos and publishing on Prolly is Not Probably is also the return of interesting – mostly respectful – conversation about bicycling in the Big Apple. hearing from many voices on the topic has been insightful and it appears that when in Rome, do as the Romans.

  •  political commentary aside, it’s still a pretty rad video