Bishop Bikes: Michael’s Road Bike Jan 5, 2013

Sweet mother of the open road. Chris Bishop is on a roll with Michael’s road bike. The details on this thing are amazing. I can’t wait to see what he brings to NAHBS. Check out more at the Bishop Flickr!

  • IshAdam

    Chris Bishop is the best custom builder IMO, his work is always meticulously done to present frames of the highest craftsmanship. 

  • Please do not paint this frame,  clear coat only, too beautiful to hide.

    • That is a common misconception. Your frame will rust under a clear coat. No matter what. The only thing that protects a frame is the primer and paint coat. You don’t even have to ride it in rain for it to rust, just humidity and moisture will oxidize the finish.

      A good brazing / lug job will require no bondo. No filler. And a good paint will showcase that.

      • I have heard that before, has anyone tried using an acrylic resin or something of that nature?  I realize a clear coat isn’t enough to stop the oxygen from getting through, but a resin could replace a paint membrane. I assume spraying resin would be troublesome and at that point you could just use Ti or stainless.  None the less, awesome frame.  

        • I don’t think that would be a good idea.

  • That is some incredible workmanship