Ross’ Custom Nagasawa Track Bike

At first glance, Ross’ custom Nagasawa track bike looks very similar to how it did two years ago. In the time that he’s had it, the bike has lightened up considerably due to the various titanium upgrades. A Ti seatpost, Ti stem, Ti Chris King, complete Phil Wood titanium kit and new wheels definately wasn’t cheap but it changed the overall feel of the bike. Since Ross commutes, he opted for front and rear brakes and I think that adds to the radness, especially on a custom built Nagasawa! Check out more in the Gallery!

  • Chris Campbell

    Always awesome to see this bike.

  • thaaaaat stem! and ti chris king! woa! mad!

    • Carl Anderson

      what is that stem?  I think Ive got the same on my roadie.  Cant stand it, flexes like a noodle…

  • please please please put a bike+rider picture in these sets in the future! 

    • +1 Portraits!

  • Is that sex on wheels? My favorite seatpost.

  • Matthias Bonjour

    I was doing fine, you bastard, riding my Gios, looking for a replacement Battaglin and dreaming of a Team Telekom Pinarello (from the Ulrich/Riis years) and now you had to go and remind me about Nagasawa! You heartless bastard! I only have so much love to give!

  • hannibal chew

    Such a nice build. If I commuted on something this valuable it would follow me everywhere, no all day lockups. Nice to see it captured with all the commuting grime on it.

  • I’m curious:  While absolutely gorgeous, isn’t Ti heavier than aluminum?  I could see that the seatpost and stem might be able to be thinner gauge because of the tensile strength increase, but Ti King headsets are 5% heavier than the aluminum (the stainless are much heavier still, though they have a deeper press too).

    No matter, I love Ti and steel, and this is truly a beautiful bike.

    • GeraldBowles

      I thought the same thing about the Ti bits.
      Those record brakes are the icing on the cake though. Simple, functional, 100% road ready. Love it.

  • boo

    Is this the same guy that has a Richard Sachs cross and speedvagen? Seriously awesome collection!

  • i’m in awe of this thing