Kyle’s #Jahblessed Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross

In Kyle’s quest to ride American-made bicycles, he came across the late Santa Cruz Stigmata. The frame was very affordable, so he bought one and rode the shit out of it. A few months later, he ended up breaking it (went off a trail, nose-first), but was lucky enough to have Santa Cruz replace it with a new frame.

This bike is everything a race bike should be, it’s light, great components where they count and looks damn nice. His #Jahblessed Chris King headset and vintage Salsa Skewers are great accents and as always, he’s got a super rare Ramblin Roll carrying the essentials.

Since Kyle only races SSCX this became his travel bike. We both agree that a cross bike is the ideal bike to travel with, for various reasons and the Stigmata was a very affordable, made in the USA option. Unfortunately, these frames were eventually discontinued, as production moved entirely overseas.

On his last day here in Austin, I shot some photos of it at his favorite bar in town, the Yellow Jacket Social Club.

  • So rad!  Nice to meet you Kyle.

    • Jack Lewis


      • He knows that. He went on a ride with Kyle last week.

  • Think back to 2006.  It’s hard to imagine PinP anymore without cross-bikes that are ridden just as HARD.
    I’d kind of expect to see a MustStache on this one …

  • Mud on white bar tape and HED Belgiums <3

  • one more proof that details are the key!

  • Αs an SC owner i cannot say anything else but : ” Damn it , it is great !”

  • Robin Adams

    Very sweet. 

  • #caughtgrammin

  • Steven Choi

    So, one thing I’ve always wondered with you guys with these bikes that you use for travel adventures is whether or not you guys roll on tubies or not.  I can’t imagine that you do but, I could be wrong!  

  • Ian Stone

    BTW there is a single set of those Rasta Skewers on Amazon still for $80 new.

  • Anthony O

    just picked up the exact same frame from a friend for 50 bucks,couple dents, but awesome none the less. This setup is awesome. What tires are those?