Beautiful Bicycle: Kevin’s Real Tree Cinelli Mash Jan 16, 2013


Photos by Arthur Alvarez

Kevin Mihovich wanted his Cinelli Mash track bike to stand out from the rest by being hidden. Does that make sense? So he commissioned West Coast Hydrographix in Redwood City, CA to cover his bike in real tree camo. Then,  he enlisted the help of his friend Arthur Alvarez to do a photoshoot in the woods. Pretty clever. Check out more below!




  • This could be the first bike I have seen with real tree on it.  Actually looks really good.

  • so much love. One day I WILL do this

  • Damn that’s awesome. Looks incredible!

  • Ben Newell

    Paint or Wrap?

  • chris granger

    That is so nice.  Hydrographics are the truth.

  • Seems cool until you lose your bike in the forest cause it looks like a tree.

    Seriously though, that’s awesome.

  • what is up with this hunting theme?

  • that is an awesome idea, and nicely executed by the looks of it! would be more at home on a mtb or cx frame though…

  • People ride track bikes through the forest?

  • pretty rad.  built one up like that in 2009: then it popped back up in 2012: & we also sourced realtree arrospok back then too. Some things never change! ; ) well i guess hipsters wear all realtree everything:

    • CSB

      • just sharing some fixie folklore.  This video came up at work today, so I’ve been nostalgic ; ) Rad Cinelli for sure!

  • Sheesh. Tough crowd.

    • barrierhero

       fuck it i like it! my 29er is realtree wrapped

  • so hot.

  • ElCapitaineDuderino

    Very redneck. I’d like it more if the RealTree application actually let it blend into the woods instead of glaring… Probably cooler looking in the urban context, anyways. Ought to toss in some “safety orange” for the full-hick-effect.

  • What bike?

  • This is easily one of the coolest set of photos i’ve seen in awhile, when I saw this on Tracko I was hoping there’d be more shots of the bike. I want to do this to my goat!

  • alan dunagan

    i love everything about this.

  • Jay Villains