Wolf Drawn: Crashes 2012 Dec 14, 2012

Yes, I watched the whole thing and yes, it’s great. Crashes are never easy to stomach and my old bones just ache looking at some of these. Thanks for the video, Matt. Just in time for you to second guess everything you do this weekend on your bike that involves two wheels leaving the ground.

Wolf Drawn

  • Joshua Robot

    “Fuck. I can’t have a broken foot, my mom’s going to kill me.”

    • to be fair, he said that after jumping off a house

  • I’m not trying to hate on FGFS at all – it’s not my thing but I have no frame of reference – can we all just agree though that slow motion falls are absolutely hilarious? Great vid no matter which way you look at it.

  • My girlfriend laughed hard as hell. Lol

    •  you got a girl laughing then you’ve got a girl loving.

  • It’s like the Tard Olympics. FGFS is the lamest thing on two wheels in a long long time. 

    • chris clappe

      whats a tard??

    • Funny, I find picking on the special olympics especially lame. Go break your collar bone.

  • D.J. Bolles

    ” have you seen that movie? crouching tiger?” crashes suck. FGFS and BMX aren’t “my thing” anymore cause I can’t do any of this shit nor do I have the balls to. I’m not even sure that I could pull a bike up off the ground on to any surface over a foot, if that.

  • Nothing cooler than dudes doing FGFS for 4+ years and still dying on baby shit. Lamest shit ever, get on a bmx or dj then do this shit.

    • …because bailing without foot retention is hard.