W-Base: One Day with Austin Horse Dec 21, 2012

It’s been a while since I posted anything from W-Base but I’m stoked to see this video featuring Austin Horse!

  • Carl Anderson

    Crazy colors and singlespeed!  Love that bike.  Cross interrupter levers too.  So not PRO but so practical for a city bike.  I’ve always admired Austin for the function over fashion approach with this bikes.  

  • Powerful stuff

  • this video is no different from what I do, except I do it loaded up while commuting. Still looks like fun ripping through city streets regardless

  • bitpuddle

    Does the fit on that bike look a little funny?

    • The Gangsta tracks have a different geo than your average fixed gear. I really, really regret selling mine. It was a blast to ride.

  • 44705

    Does anyone know the name of this soundtrack ?