Trackosaurus Rex: Joshua Robot’s Geekhouse Singlespeed Mudville Dec 14, 2012

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Josh’s Geekhouse Mudville is such a rad bike. It was one of my favorite race machines during the SSCXWC in Los Angeles. He reps the Geekhouse with pride, including the Razzle Dazzle kits. Today is the last day to pre-order one of those too, SO GET ON IT!

  • im going to sound like a total novice here, but how come he has waht look like force levers on a ss bike?

    • Adie Mitchell

      looks like he converted it from a geared bike. hence the rear derailleur hanger, and the philcentric bottom bracket. you may need to follow the links to tracko. must have just kept the levers.

      • Yep. Converted with a Phil eccentric BB.

        • Yeah, but why not run s500’s (if you really NEED those sram hoods) and save yourself from ruining expensive brifters needlessly? 

          • I don’t think he thought about it that much. This was a quick conversion for the SSCXWC

          • Joshua Robot

            Hey-0! Good question. The right brifter died (as they are want to do) and since it’s SRAM there was no repairing it.  I simply wanted to put as little money into my pit bike as possible and SSCXWC was a good excuse to go single speed.

            FYI: I highly recommend the Philcentric BB but it is touchy to set up, requires a special tool and changing gear is a major pain. 

          • SRAM has always been great about warranty and repair. Did you try to take it to a shop? I had an Apex brifter “die” and they replaced the parts with Rival, no charge.

          • Joshua Robot

            Yeah, I’ve heard similar stories but honestly I have no gripe; those brifters survived 3 years of abuse. My XO brakes on the other hand. . . 

  • Maxwell Merkle

    My favorite quote heard while watching Josh race in OR: “you’re going to have to go faster than that wearing a kit that ugly”  (ugly in a *good way I’m sure ;) ).

  • What type of bike computer is on the stem?