The Team Rapha Focus Oakley Frogskins Auction

Just like last week, this morning, at 6am PST, Rapha has opened up an auction for the new Team Rapha Focus Oakley Frogskins sunglasses. All the proceeds aid in financing the Team Rapha Focus men and women. These sunglasses come with a Rapha-Focus branded carrying bag. You might even get a set of Rapha-Focus trading cards.

Click here for the auction and here for more details. Make sure you follow @Rapha_N_America on Twitter or the Rapha Facebook page to monitor the bids each day. Next week, limited edition Rapha-Focus Frogskins go on the auction block.

These are very sharp shades. See for yourself in the gallery!

  • “All the proceeds aid in financing the Team Rapha Focus men and women” Damn, and I thought their $500 shoes an $700 jackets would be aiding in the financing of their team!

    • – –

      They need our help. It’s hard being sponsored by one of the most expensive clothing brands in cycling.

  • “Oakley Software?” it’s a computer?!

  • arlcyclist

    yea, this has to be one of the most self serving auctions i’ve ever seen. i guess the markup on an $800 “race bag” with “leather sourced from an artisan French tannery” isn’t enough to support a team in these austere times. never mind the sandy cleanup, we’ve got race teams sponsored by cycling lifestyle companies to support!