The 2012 SSCXWC Winners: Adam Craig and Mical Dyck Dec 3, 2012

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Adam Craig won the men’s and Mical Dyck won the women’s 2012 SSCXWC. That means one thing: tattoos. Last night, at the The Martlet Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, they did just that.

Check out more below and expect more updates once I’m over the food poisoning.

  • Ian Summers

    Glad the winners actually got them this year.

    • Jake Ricker

      Haha thank you!
      That Rapha shit last year was so bitch!

      • Ian Stone

        If you don’t want the trophy, then don’t race. It’s as simple as that. Don’t bitch out and leave once you win.

    • No tattoos, no winners! Last year didn’t have winners atmo!

  • Marius Šilinskis

    I presume winners can choose design of the tattoo?