Total Randomness

November and December have been a lot busier than I anticipated. Usually, it’s my time to get back into a daily routine of riding, riding, riding but I found myself traveling more and more these past few weeks. This Recent Roll is a series of snapshots taken in Portland, Austin and Los Angeles during that time. Shot with my Contax G2 and Kodak E100VS. Enjoy.

  • Great shots! Peveto REALLY needs to open a Frank up here in Dallas…

  • Some good ones in there!

  • Hahahahahaha that manikin head in the bag.

  • Emily haddad

    Nice!  That CX shot at the end is amazing, dude.  Will you post that USA shades photo on FB?  It’s rad, looks like I’m snarling.

  • Emm!

  • Oh, the Smog Cutter… Three beers, two fights, and good times, all for $10.50!