Recent Roll: Lauren’s Icarus Frames Porteur Dec 12, 2012

One day, Lauren said to me “I wish my commuter had gears”. For someone who loves supporting his frame building buddies, it was like music to my ears, so I contacted Ian at Icarus Frames right away. After some measurements and a lot of back and forth, we had an idea what to build Lauren. The end product was a low-trail touring bike that could be set up like a porteur for now and easily converted into a road-drop touring bike. As always, Ian provided some of the cleanest fillets in the business and now we just have to decide on a paint job.

I shot some photos with my Contax G2 and Kodak E100VS before sending it off to Bryan at Fresh Frame. Check out more below!

  • Goog Smells

    Dude, can I be your gf too?

  • Keep it raw, dont’ cover those fillets up

    • But that never turns out good. No matter what, it will oxidize. GOOD, thin, clean paint is the only thing that does clean fillets justice.

      • Ben F.

        What about clear coat? 

        • Clear coat usually chips off very easily, so you get patches of rust.

          • not to mention without a base primer coat, it is impossible to prevent rust forming under the clear, even if it doesn’t chip…

  • Jono Davis

    That bi-plane Pacenti fork crown is the best, so rad.

  • Christiaan2414

    Nice Mr. Watson!

  • I can’t wait to see what you got planned john. Bryan’s paint work has been some of the best I’ve seen. I really like what he did with Icarus,Bishop, and Bilenky. 

  • Can’t wait for the full build photo-set. May i know what tubing(s) was used?

  • Nothing but the best.. must be nice.

  • Nice frame, but who is this “Jim” guy?