Rapha Tire Levers? Dec 30, 2012

I can just hear the word now: leeeverrrs. Rapha Japan’s Facebook page is filled with a ton of great riding photos but the new Rapha-branded tire levers are quite popular at the moment. I wonder when these will go into circulation?

  • These are definitely a faster and more stylish way to remove your tire than the tacky Pedros ones.

  • Adam Newman

    I wonder why anyone would pay Rapha prices for a re-badged Pedros tire lever? 

    • Because they’re black and in a cursive font.

      • D.J. Bolles

         and only 50 USD.

        • not really.


          • not really

          • Jay Elling

            just used mine i got from Providence CX race last year and found out they don’t work half as well as an authentic PEDROS lever. Upon comparison you can tell the Ralph one is a sad knockoff… surprized they let this one slip.

          • Dude… they are made by Pedros. Promise.

          • Jay Elling

            Well they skimpped on the bead popping action on the rapha branded ones. The lip is visually smaller, was shocked upon comparison.

  • Velbain Neistat


    Real mans remove tires with one thumb… like Chuck…