Paul Components: The RHub is Now Available Dec 12, 2012

The wait is over. Paul Components have just announced their new RHub‘s availability. These beautiful, American-made hubs have been floating around their tradeshow booth for about two years now. If you’ve ever owned Paul track hubs, you can attest to their quality and finish. It’s real tempting to pick up a set now, just for the hell of it!

Check out more details at PAUL.

  • Maxwell Merkle

    It’s only *$420* heh

  • I wonder if they (Industry Nine) will make a Campy freehub.

  • Adie Mitchell

    don’t you mean it’s really tempting to pick up a set now (rather than not pick up a set)?

  • These are made where I live. Awesome company.

  • so excite.

    anyone know what the internals are based off? white ind. maybe?

    • From the Paul site:

      “We’ve partnered with Industry Nine to create a cassette hub that marries our hub shell, axle, and bearing adjustment system with their premium Mountain Freehub.”