Outlier: Megafine Merino Socks Dec 6, 2012

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Complete your Outlier wardrobe with the new Megafine Merino socks:

“Built with 15.5 micron merino, the Outlier Megafine Merino Sock is likely the finest sock you’ll ever step into. Beautifully soft, breathable and temperature regulating, this high grade of merino is the best natural performance material we’ve sourced. It’s the equivalent of Super 160s wool, virtually unheard of outside of the world’s most luxurious suiting.

The Outlier Megafine Merino Sock, gentle yet tough, a dream on your feet. Available now on the Outlier Webshop in Black for $24.”


  • The only socks I ever want for christmas!

  • Simplicityofjoy

    Does anyone know what these shoes are? I”m looking for traditional looking hiking boots since ages. I remember an American brand, beautiful staff but I cant remember their name for gods sake.

    • Jason Villanueva

       They kinda of look like danner boots.


      • Simplicityofjoy

        Danner! Thats the one, thanks mate!

        • quesofrito

          Danner. Confirmed. 

  • trippy picture

  • his ass must be freeeeeezing