Just a Few of the Cedar Cycling and PiNP Jersey Details Dec 17, 2012

Last year, at NAHBS, I met Jeremy and Neil from Cedar Cycling, a new cycling wear brand. Using high-end New Zealand merino wool and local manufacturing, I knew Cedar was really doing something genuine and legit. Over a bottle of bourbon, we discussed working on a jersey. But since they had barely just launched their brand, we knew it would be some time before we’d have samples.

Earlier in the summer, I met up with them in SF to look at fabrics and discuss the jersey in detail. Then, just last week, I finally got my hands on one. I was really, really impressed. This is one of the nicest jerseys I’ve ever owned. We worked really hard getting everything right, especially the fit. It’s form-fitting, without being race cut. The sleeves sit just right and the front lies flat on your chest.

One of my biggest qualms with a lot of jerseys that I own is the pocket room. Especially during the winter. You end up stuffing arm warmers, a gillet and gloves into your pockets on the daily.  These jerseys have both pocket room and ample reinforced stitching to help maintain its intended shape. It fits great and is incredibly comfortable. What I’m trying to say is, this is far from just a new “colorway”…

I just signed off on the production sample and the full run is currently being made by hand in Oakland, California. Expect a delivery mid-January and we’ll be running a discounted pre-order after the new year. For now, here’s a few of the details.

  • Sweet! Thanks for holding off til after Christmas on the pre-order too.

  • Been looking forward to this since you first hinted at it.

  • sygyzy

    Wow, really looking forward to this.

  • Woop!

  • There, colors look better now…

  • James Sawyer

    About how much are these gonna cost by chance? Very interested

    • Jersey Retail: $170, Jersey Pre-sale price: $153 (10% discount), beginning Thursday, Jan 3.

      • James Sawyer

        Awesome! Thanks

  • Do you think these jerseys would be too hot for the summer??

    • Not at all. They aren’t like older wool jerseys. It’s a merino blend. It’s been in the 80’s here and I’ve been wearing it.

  • I like their jerseys, bump for the pump sleeve (“no european posterior man satchels, thank you”), but I wish it had a zippered pocket as well ala Rapha.

    • There are two zipped pockets inside the back pockets. One on the left and one on the right.

      • that’s a great detail.  you need to access zippered pockets far less frequently.

    • i agree that it’s great to see a pump sleeve and a zippered pocket. are the pockets equally-sized though? or is the middle one smaller, like rapha classic/polar standard jersey?

  • how’s the fit relative to Rapha?

    • These fit true to your t-shirt size. I wear a large in Cedar. By comparison, I’m XL in Castelli, Endo, Rapha Pro.

  • James Sawyer

    When are we gonna be able to pre order these?

    • Hopefully next week!

      • James Sawyer

        Sweet!! Can’t wait.