Hawaiian Holidays

Today is our last day in Hawaii visiting Lauren’s family. Her parents have lived on Kaua’i for eight years and they aren’t lying when they say that they’ve done everything there is to do here. Truth be told, over these past two visits, I believe we can check most of it off the list as well.

This trip was very relaxing. We had no great plans, no itinerary and best of all, no expectations. I will say though, my last-minute decision to not bring my cross bike was a horrible idea. Turns out “it’s been raining all day” translates to a shower here and there, for five minutes. The next time we come here, I’m definitely bringing a bike!

I’ve compiled some photos from our ten days on Kaua’i. Don’t expect any bikes, just lots of #Naturevibes. The highlight was having access to the nesting Albatross… Enjoy the weekend!

  • Seriously some of the best photos I have ever seen you take. They make me want to go there.

  • sygyzy

    Great pictures John. I agree, some of the best you’ve taken.

  • how did you not take your cross bike?!!  that just befuddles me…  and we’ll talk about your pics!-0

  • Is it at all difficult to come back?

    • Honestly, if I would have had a bike, I would have been ok staying longer. There are so many trails and roads to explore there.

  • EdoRa

    Just curious, what lenses do you use? cause you don’t show the exif in Flickr…

    • This was all the Canon L 24-70mm f2.8 i

      • EdoRa


  • EdoRa

    Oh, and your pictures are amazing!

  • These are really good dude!

  • driftwood82

    yeah, i would bring my red wings too

  • Incredible photos.  Wow.