2012 SSCXWC in Los Angeles

Beginning any race with a LeMans start is sure to cause a ruckus, but add in a real life “cycling salmon” and things get interesting. This year’s SSCXWC began with a bang. Both the men’s and women’s field showed that you can truly have fun and still be somewhat competitive. From the snot rocket cannons, to the cesspool pit and even the crowd-induced bottle necked course, the racers had to endure a lot more than they bargained for. Oh and mud in SoCal? The cross gods smiled upon LA last Sunday. See for yourself in the gallery.

  • christopher beall

    more rock lobster appreciation than i can handle! awesome shots of awesome bikes. 

  • great!

  • Great photos, as always, John.  Looks like an amazing event.  Wish there was something like this in the UK

  • #50 dfl 

  • cole lalomia

    ha! so rad to see ryan tromboney there!

  • J

    That looks fun as shit.  I want in.  

  • This is why i love your blog.

  • wow man.  so rad.

  • Color cannons are genius!

  • Bryan VanArsdale

    PHILLY REPRESENT! 2013 is gonna be awesome.

  • You are totally nuts and that’s a goooood thing !

  • Joshua Robot

    Oh WOW did Murphy throw down the gauntlet. So psyched to race this in Philly! Thanks LA. You’re the best.

  • H_Angstrom

    What kind of bike race, however joke-y, would allow a spiked helmet in the mix? I love CX antics, but that’s just a bad idea.

    • The one where the person winning is wearing said helmet.  You can’t gore anyone with your spiked helmet if they’re all behind you.

      • H_Angstrom

        Race Official: Are those metal spikes sticking out of your helmet?

        Rad Dude: Don’t worry, I promise to stay in front of everyone.

        Race Official: Oh, I see. Carry on.

        [I stand by my curmudgeonly statement. That’s no way to run a race.] 

        • I don’t know, the pit of snakes and flying spears was a little more dangerous.

  • Bike check of the Carbon Raleigh disc please!!!!

    • Ian Stone

      Raleigh RXC Pro Disc

  • lol best DAT ASS shot ever?

  • This was my favorite race I have attended in a long time. So much fun. 

  • Thanks for coming out and taking great photos! It’s great you ‘see’ the Los Angeles that exists beyond all of the bullshit.  Much appreciated.