Enjoy the Weekend Dec 21, 2012

Right about now, I’m kicking myself for not having my bike here in Hawaii. So do you and me a favor by putting in some saddle time this weekend. Or, if you can’t ride because you’re stuck in blizzard 2012, I’ve uploaded some more photos to Flickr as well…

  • autophile

    What about a blizzard should prevent anyone from riding?

    • Timothy Bradford

      totally agree! pub crawl + a ton of snow + cross bikes = the best!

      • Nick Valdes

        CX or fatbike….a little snow is an invitation.

  • Looks like the powerline trail…? I hear there is a shop in Kapaa that demos Specialized bikes.

    • Nope, just a 5 mile loop. Power line is deep with gnarly mud and washed out by a landslide.

      • Where is this loop? Im going to kauai in 2 months and thinking about renting a bike out there.