Colossi: Time Machine Complete Dec 20, 2012

Colossi always goes over the top with their frames but this Time Machine track just looks mean! See more at the Colossi Flickr.

  • SAM


  • SAM

    If Batman rode a bike… I guess the cape would look dumb tho…

  • Stupid as shit because its not a race bike.

    • SAM

      Are you whining because you baselessly think this bike isn’t fit for a race, or because you ignorantly assume it won’t see the track?

      • barrierhero

        technically you can race on any bike

        • Not true on a track bike. It needs a proper bottom bracket drop (or it will get pedal strike on the banked turns) and track ends. Also needs bars with tape /grips and plugs.

  • bitpuddle

    Sweet. I’d love to ride one.

    BMC won’t sue them because of the name?

  • Harry Shaud

    Personally, I prefer the picture of the green bananas.

  • Paolo Gaviraghi

    it’s not complete! there’s not plug in aerobar

  • Nice.Really nice but the fork its ugly(i think) and the lil gap between it and frame.

  • Adie Mitchell

    at a certain point, you just need to go with an integrated seat mast…