Chris King in Bloomberg Businessweek Dec 15, 2012

In an interesting spin on the typical “made in the USA” editorials, Bloomberg Businessweek visited Chris King in Portland where they found that there is a huge demand for US-made products overseas. Check out the article here.

  • Adie Mitchell

    typo in the bloomberg article

     employees press tiny metals balls

  • Thanks for sharing John!

  • That’s me sizing axles!

  • driftwood82

    as a matter of fact there is indeed a huge demand. i’m from austria and do you think any bikeshop in vienna and within a radius of 100kilometers is able to order chris king hubs or a thomson seatpost, and HEY don’t even start with EDGE parts. i’m a huge fan of american roadbike(parts) and i like the way they represent their country by the way they’re built. i’m also a big fan of “support your local bikeshop” but sometimes i reach limits that i don’t understand, when it comes to availability. to order bikeparts via the internet makes not always sense when you you think about term of shippingcosts. you almost pay the same prices on the tags in euros as they cost in dollars! and if you, for example try to build up a bike with thomson, chris king, phil, edge etc. – it’s almost worth a planeticket to NYC (from europe) than to buy them and pay for shipping.