Box Dog Bikes: Gabe’s Pelican Dec 19, 2012

Now that’s a great looking bike. Gabe’s Pelican is ready to rip around town and then roll out into the mountains for some weekend camping. Check out more on the Box Dog Bikes Flickr.

  • that thing is so my style

  • Doug D

    who are these people who spemnd thousandsd to buyn touring bikes that talk in weekends?  if you aint toui9ng months, youm jusdt want somthing to taek pictures of. yeah!!

    • ElCapitaineDuderino

      People with real lives with real bills and real other people dependent on their productivity.

      Gorgeous bike, though.

    • Doug, Gabe works at Box Dog Bikes and has been touring long before you got the bug to head out on a supported ride promoted by a liquor company or into the north east. Lighten up.