Bishop Bikes: Columbus MS Tubing Profiles Dec 6, 2012

Photo by Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop has so many NOS Columbus tubesets and the MS, or multi-shaped, tubes are some of the most unique. Here’s a profile section of the tubes. From left to right, non drive chainstay, drive side chainstay, top tube, down tube and Air seat stays. Keep at it Chris. This is a great photo.

  • Rick Saliga

    Such a sick tubeset. The MS lugset is equally wild looking.[email protected]/5421443531

  • How do the different chain stay shapes affect the performance of the bicycle?

    • They don’t. When I studied under Yamaguchi, he said that most of the Columbus tubsets are a gimmick.

      • Jordan Freymiller

        triangles are the “strongest” shape when bracing things or building trusses. thats probably why the non drive side was designed like that. stiffer in theory. kinda like the photo below shows one of the angles almost facing straight down.

        • so wouldn’t you want the stiffest tube on the drive side chainstay?

          • Jordan Freymiller

            possibly for the simple fact of bending and dimpling 

      • can’t argue with the master.  thanks for helping me get my learn on :)

  • Benz Ouyang

    Does it really matter if it makes a difference in performance? Most of the folks buying these probably can’t benefit from any difference anyway. Yes, that definitely includes me! However, there’s something to be said about the coolness of such unusually shaped tubing. Much like a custom sterling silver headbadge or a fancy paint job, it’ll just add that extra bit of uniqueness for one’s custom steed.

    As an example, one of my friends got a custom Rock Lobster built with NOS Tange Prestige Ultimate (externally rifled tubes). Although she probably can’t tell this tubeset apart from similarly good tubing, the visible rifling definitely added a bit of panache and ownership to her custom experience.