Jeff’s All City Nature Boy Zona

If you grew up adoring the Ritchey P20 bikes and later found yourself running your own bicycle company, there’s a good chance you’d wanna adopt their livery. Jeff’s Nature Boy Zona prototype is an homage to the MTBs of the 1980’s and with a paint job like that, who can deny the randess?

I was way stoked on Jeff’s second place finish at the SoCalCross C race during the SSCXWC in LA, so I gave his bike a little bit of attention the next morning. He’s got all the GSC guys racing singlespeed on these bikes, so they’ve gotta be good! Word on the street is that this will be the paint job on the limited Zona this year, so stay tuned.

  • where can i press the ‘fave’ button?

  • John Kasper

    ummm since when is r/w/b america’s colors.  Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway off the top of my head
    so how is it ballsy to to put it on a Taiwanese bike (and guess what colors make up in their flag?).  i think all that texas is starting to fry your brain

    • Thanks for the world geography lesson! ;-) The Ritchey P20s were painted RWB to denote a national championship, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Ben C

    What’s going on with the two cog situation in the rear?

    • It is either a surly dingle cog ( ) or he is just using 2 cogs with a spacer in between.
      It allows for the rider to easily switch gear ratio without having all the essential tools.

    • its 2 separate cogs on a road freehub with some spacers. great setup.

  • Dune Donnelly

    where is your trailer?

  • lovin the shot of that mud encrusted tread

  • Life Side View

    are those like normal v-brakes ?

  • Life Side View

    Are those like normal v-brakes ? why not cantilevers ?

    • Looks like TRP CX 8.4 mini-Vs. More powerful than cantilevers and easier to setup, even with the pull ratio doohickey (which isn’t strictly needed, but allows for more cable pull which means more pad clearance to the rim).

      • Life Side View

        thanks for clearing this up, cheers

      • Matt Reeve

        The way it look is that he is likely running CX9s and using the problem solvers “doohicky” based on the use of SRAM levers, which have less pull and work better with CX8.4s.
        Just my speculation

  • dem dropouts. nice.