Gan Well Pro Track

It’s not everyday that you see a gorgeous Gan Well Pro track bike rolling on the streets of LA. Maybe 5 years ago, but not today. So when the owner of this beauty walked it into Golden Saddle Cyclery, I had to take it out for some photos. Nitto everything, Suntour hubs, Dura Ace cranks and a well-used perforated Flite. More of this please!

*Unfortunately, the owner has to sell it, so if you’re in the market, call GSC for pricing. Please, serious inquiries only!

  • MCThree

    What are the handlebars? 

  • there is something about gumwalls on box sections that is just so nice. 

    • johnjcoates

      What rims are those?

  • Great build, all business.

  • Man, that’s one pretty Gan Well Pro…love the crown too. Came close to selling my GWP (also full of Nitto) a few times and so glad it’s still in the stable. 

  • Great shots again, John.

  • James Sawyer

    Is it just me, or is the rear tire on backwards? But thats a damn beautiful bike. 

  • Ergos look god awful on there, otherwise what a beauty.

    • disagree

      • Ergos of any kind always look bad. Even most compacts look pretty bad. But this is America and you’re entitled to disagree.

        • Look < The ride

          They aren't always mutually exclusive but track drops on the street suck!

          • mickey

            Agreed. I LOVE the look of track drops on a classic track bike but
            people that ride them in the streets sandwiching the stem look a little
            silly. They’ll just never be as comfortable as a road bar. I’m debating
            whether to put compacts on a steel italian road steed myself. Ugh.

          • “Look < The ride"true words!

  • dizzlizzle

    What kind of masterlink is that?

    • Luke Verhagen

      I’m pretty sure that’s an Izumi V Super Toughness chain, which comes with a bolt-on master link for strength.

  • hot hot damn 

  • it’s spot on….right until you get to the handlebars.

  • oh damn nice! if it was mine, i would never gonna sale it

  • What rims are those?
    Anyone know?

  • What rims are those?
    Anyone know?

    • trackedout

      H Plus Son TB-14