Beautiful Bicycle: Dan’s Street Thrashed Stanridge Dec 5, 2012

Photo by Dan Chabanov

Give me a street-thrashed track bike over a wiped and polished wall hanger anyday. Dan’s 2012 Red Hook Crit Brooklyn-winning Stanridge Speed track bike has seen some time on the NYC streets. Love this photo Dan, dead rat and all.

  • AdamEldridge

    fuck yeah.

  • nice dead mouse detail 

  • nice dead mouse detail 

  • Good thing the top tube has some tape on it for the drops he’s not using anymore.  Otherwise it might get scratched.  :P

    • Bryan Smith

      because swapping out handlebars on the fly is something noone ever does…

  • Too legit.

  • +10 points for the dead rat street cred.

  • Why do I love track bikes with risers SO MUCH!!

  • kinda wish someone bought up his chain tension, i love when that happens.

    • You just did.

    • Davey Struthers

       loose chains way faster

  • jdubyargh

    I just want to know what magic is keeping the bike vertical…

    • Rear tire on the wall.

      • jdubyargh

        That’s what I thought, but the sidewalk looked angle so I’m still trying to visually figure it out…..

  • Will

    what Saddle was that?