Bandit Cross: Ruining it for Everyone Dec 11, 2012

The Bandit Cross series has been Jeff from All-City‘s baby and here’s a great video showing all of us what it’s all about.

  • I love this idea, and I love All City, but I’m tired of hearing people talk about competitive cycling(in this case cyclocross) being inferior just because some people involved take it too seriously. Riding bikes is fun, and so is competition. It is what you make it, and you can’t let the opinions of others ruin things for you. Great video of an amazing event. 

    • Bryan VanArsdale

      I dont think the intention was to say that sanctioned racing is inferior. The idea that this is free and fun, and can still be competitive. The “Ruining it for everybody” is because the established racing community was afraid the unsanctioned racing events would tarnish the legal racing scene. I think what Bandit Cross is doing is more of a positive community building thing, inclusive not exclusive. 

      • The Goats

        Love the way cycling develops, flips and turns as it grows like a living organism.

        The Goats

  • What barriers to racing is he talking about? The $30 you pay the race organizer for putting the race on?

    • People get nervous about it and also feel like they need to be in shape. Competition alone is a barrier.