Wilis’ Nagasawa Nov 7, 2012

I love shooting 3200 Delta during the day. The grain just adds to the subject. But what I don’t like is when I forget to take the exposed rolls out of my bag before going through the airport’s xray. Whoops. Unfortunately, this was the only photo that survived and it’s a shame because this is a Beautiful Bicycle. Wilis’ Nagasawa built up quite nicely.

  • Stupid question but, what is that thing that is around the top tube? I see things like that at different lengths from time to time but, it’s no top tube pad like ReLoad makes…

  • Kashimax Frame Protector

  • get a film bag for airports…  you know better!!-0

    • I usually hand check but I forgot about these two rolls… :-

  • ante

    no plugs.. tsk tsk