Wheel Talk Fixed: AFC Uproar 2012 Nov 16, 2012

Matt posted this up earlier today and I was really impressed with everyone’s riding, especially his own. I always appreciate street over contest footage but everyone flows nicely through this tight setup. See more coverage from AFC Uproar at Wheel Talk Fixed.

  • fanboy

    Fuck yeah SUPERMANS!


      he dint land it

      • fanboy

        I don’t care if he didn’t land it. He tried and that’s good enough for me

        • Jeffrey

           That was probably the most brutal part of this already quite drutal video.

          • Davey


  • Glenn Slusher

    Hope you guys liked the course setup we at Boothby Inc. have something special planned for everyone next year

  • AJAustin

    at 0:09 was confirmation for me that boothby is actually the singer from gym class heros


    FGFS is pretty lame now. Its just big wheel BMX with a fixed hub. 700c or die.

    • Joshua boothby

      not the real boothby 


        No shit buddy, I am making fun of that fuckhead