Weekend Inspiration Nov 16, 2012

Here’s one for the weekend and yes, I am aware some of you work at bike shops on the weekend, so apologies for rubbing this in every Friday.

  • Princeras235

    i only work at the shop on sunday lol!!!!!!!

  • dangeek

    I’m working this Sat but that means I’m off and riding Sat, Sun, Mon next week.  So no worries.  Love the weekend inspiration.

  • Kerry

    I make my own hours at the bike shop.  Going on a mountain ride tomorrow afternoon.  Will get back atcha on Instagram!

  • Richard Smith

    Worked today, but I have multiple rides planned tomorrow! Should be out from dawn til’ dusk, with a good old Sunday Roast thrown in the middle if all goes to plan!

  • lksntx

    I’m peddling bikes every weekend :(

  • Simcain2002

    hey prolly, the F1 circus is your town.  Don’t know if your a fan, but it is the pinnacle of motorsports.  How the vibe?  Is it better than south by southwest? 

    • F1 was incredible.  The Euros didn’t stop partying until 5AM this morning!  Absolute mayhem.

  • Aaron

    As one of the few shop dudes that happens to be working this entire weekend, I officially am perturbed. At least I get to look at this as I sit at a desk. Great photos dude.