Trackosaurus Rex: Bishop Gilco Single Speed Cyclocross Bike Nov 2, 2012

Chris has been so busy building that he hasn’t had time to photograph any of his new bikes. That said, this one is far from new but it’s still classic Bishop. Kyle at Tracko shot a great set of photos after this Gilco tubing SSCX bike left Golden Saddle Cyclery for a facelift. See more photos here.

  • travis

    Where can I buy that cable hanger? I have to have one.

    • Jinbok Lee

      it’s custom made from bishop.

  • Parker Newman

    Dat fork crown.
    Not diggin the bottle cage/gear combo though. Needs White Ind. cranks!
    Everything else rules.

    • Parker Newman

      Not to say Gipiemme isn’t cool though. Just noticed the windows on the lugs! Mmmmm.