Tokyo Fixed: Death Spray Custom ONO Track Frames Available Nov 2, 2012

This has got to be the sickest modern production track bike I’ve ever seen. A mix of fillet brazed Columbus MAX and Zona really hammers home the meaning behind “ono”, or a tool for cutting through your obstacles in Japanese. See more photos of the Tokyo Fixed Ono here and pick one up here. This will probably be your only chance to own a Death Spray Custom designed paint job!

  • Mawipoyo

    out of stock the minute u post this.

    • mr. stinkums 2.0

      they were out of stock before he posted it, for the record.

  • Doctor_Jones_

    weak geo and needs a steel fork

    • You know what? I like steel bikes that are engineered to use a carbon fork. My Bishop and my Geekhouse both have carbon forks. This is obviously a modern, race-inspired / race bike. Why not save some weight on the front end, where it makes the most sense? What steel fork blades would look good with those oversized tubes?

      • Doctor_Jones_

        Well obviously if you’re fillet brazing the whole frame then you have the tools and means to make a nice straight blade segmented oversized steel fork (kind of like how your Icarus was originally set-up). I just don’t understand the reasoning for carbon on your steel bicycle. Steel is repairable, lasts longer, and does not randomly fail (ie. like your friend’s seatpost on your recent trek). Further more, the crowd that this bicycle appeals to is one who rides their bicycle on the street making a steel fork an even better choice. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to ride it for the rest of your life(without buying new forks ever few years)? But what do I know I’m just a retro-grouch ha. Regardless of my opinion on fork choice, the frame is beautifully constructed, especially the seattube/seatstay cluster. Plus its pretty grand that there’s a company offering fillet brazed bicycles at a fairly reasonable price

        • You still didn’t name a manufacturer of oversized steel fork blades. There aren’t any. I had to go with NOS MAX blades…

          I don’t want to argue this point because it’s obvious you’ve only ridden steel forks. I’ve ridden both and am saying it’s the complete opposite as to what you’re saying. ENVE forks are the shit. Completely amazing ride, strong as all and don’t bother comparing a high end carbon fork to a POS low end carbon post like that FSA!

          • Doctor_Jones_

            I’ve ridden carbon, steel, and even some early 90’s aluminum forks. Aluminum being the worst ha. I dig steel the most out of all three. I will say that carbon yields a great ride, but at a cost to durability and strength. Regardless of the way you produce the carbon (layered or molded), it will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere, because carbon ALWAYS has a limited life span. While those great steel forks will be used for years to come and when their lives are finished they will be melted down and made into other things.

            You are right it is hard to get your hands on oversized steel fork blades from big bicycle tubing manufactures like True Temper or Columbus, which is why I suggested a segmented fork. Although i dont know why a standard sized steel fork wouldn’t look great, beacuse there are plenty of oversized tubing bikes with standard sized forks(ie early 90’s Cannondale tracks and even that LOW bike with the wound up fork both you and Tracko posted).

            Back to the segmented fork though. AirSpruce is a supplier that has aerospace grade 4130 steel tubing, and if you want to get even fancier you could have it heat treated by an outside processing company. Yamaguchi uses AirSpruce for custom aero-pursuit handlebars, stems, and even for some frame applications like monostays for wishbone style seatstays. There is no reason you couldn’t make a great segmented fork out of their tubing.

            Again, everyone has their own opinion, and this is an open forum, so I’m just expressing mine.

          • Totally understand!

  • Jacob

    Should be showing in stock on the site! If not clear your cache and try again!

  • Cxbra

    I think im in love with this bike.. It seems to have comfortable geometry which will make you faster over long distances simply from being comfy.. I REALLY want to try a steel bike with a carbon fork.. Every steel bike doesnt have to have a steel fork, these are bikes.. its all about character and the bikes personal identity so they dont all end up being the same..

  • well dang, that sucker is NICE.

  • harnessgnarness

    i still find it silly to pay more than a grand for a track frame, maybe thats just me.